Just Say Yes

Over the last few weeks and months so much has happened in my life that it, quite frankly, astounds me.  It has gotten me thinking about all the adventures and events of years gone by and how the memories are not as vivid as they once were. Maybe that’s normal or maybe it’s a function of a few too many hits to the head over the years,  I’m not entirely sure.  One thing I am sure of  is that I am now left with faded memories of great (mis)adventures and far too few photos documenting them.

So, for the sake of posterity (or just my amazingly forgetful mind),  I have decided to do my best to document some of the twists and turns that life brings my way.  Really, it’s the intersection of two of my passions that I had fallen away from for several years and just recently found myself pouring back into them; being in the mountains and writing.  They are two very simple things but i have found them to be crucially important for me to maintain my sanity and spirituality.  So why not just sit in the woods and write in a journal? Well,  in an effort to build the chronicles of my life I have resolved to take far more photos. And, as most people can attest too, digital photos have a way of crawling into the recesses of your hard drive and  drifting into obscurity.  So, I am turning to something I never thought I’d end up doing; blogging. But what better way to document my thoughts, stories, and photos into one convenient bundle?

A lot of what I hope to write about in the coming months is the direct result of some great advice my dear friend Erin gave me a few months ago;  “Just say yes. To everything.”

Thanks Erin, its working out pretty well so far.


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