Mo Trails, Mo Betta – Thank You Singletrack Advocates!

The STA has done it again! This week they received approval to move ahead with Kincaid Phase 2 and I want to give them a truly heartfelt thanks and a big congratulations for such a big win for the cycling community!

These trails leave everyone smiling

These trails leave everyone smiling

Since 2008, the STA has worked to create well built, sustainable, and fun mountain bike trails for all of us to enjoy. They have been instrumental in growing the sport of mountain biking in the Anchorage area. Janice Tower, Lee Bolling, Ryan Greef, Chad Burris, and numerous others have dedicated their time and efforts to continue the momentum and push forward Kincaid Phase 2, and for that I am extremely grateful. At the end of a hard day I can hop on my bike and disappear into the woods for a few hours, emerging on the other side with an ear to ear grin on my face. All thanks to the incredible network of trails that wouldn’t be there without this team of amazing people. The STA has done more than just build trails though, they have done something much greater and more impacting; they have fostered a community.

This is what it is all about!

This is what it is all about!

The world over, cyclists congregate. There is a shared bond between velocipede enthusiasts that transcends age, race, or gender. You like bikes, I like bikes, lets ride bikes together! It is an amazing community that is drawn together simply for the joy of riding and not much more. What the STA has done for the cycling community in Anchorage is astounding. I have met dozens upon dozens of people in the last few years that have either started or rekindled a love affair with mountain biking because of the amazing network of trails we now have access to. Whether it is their first time on a mountain bike or a seasoned professional, I see people coming together daily to decompress on the trails, grow their own skills and encourage others to join them. I have seen bonds strengthened between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, as well as new friendships flourishing between complete strangers. The community we have is vibrant and energetic and growing at an incredible rate! In no small part, thanks to the STA. It’s more than just riding bikes. It’s the payoff of years of hard work. It’s laughing on the trail with friends. It’s learning new things about yourself and what you are capable of. It’s a trail therapy session after a hard week.  It’s the post ride ritual in the parking lot. It’s coming together to build and maintain the trails we love so much. It’s all these things that make our community so great.

Riders of all types revel in the trails. XC to Freeride there is something for everyone.

Riders of all types revel in the trails. XC to Freeride there is something for everyone.

So come on out and show your support if you love these trails as much as I do! The build season is around the corner and it will require all of us banding together to help out where we can. I would encourage everyone to lean in and give of yourself in anyway you can. Whether through time or money, everything is valuable to a project like this. I can tell you first hand that the work party days are a blast. There is something supremely satisfying about putting your sweat equity into a trail. The first time you ride the section you built is a unique and indescribable reward.

My life is better because of these trails for so many reasons. So to the Singletrack Advocates, I raise my glass. Thanks for everything you do.



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